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     Thrush Spouting was founded in 1960 by Wilbur Allen Thrush Sr. Wilbur lived in Phillipsburg, Ohio.  With pride strapped to this tool belt, and the attitude that every job will be done with perfection and swiftness and quote, “Every customer will be satisfied!”  Wilbur set out on a mission to install spouting and roof homes for everyone.  He did just that.

       Back in those days Wilbur installed spouting on homes through the week alone, and on the weekend with the help of his brothers and friends. Wilbur had a great reputation for a job well done and the phone began to ring. In 1962 Wilbur hired his first employee. In 1964 Wilbur Allen Thrush Jr. came into the world.  At the age of three, Wilbur began to take Allen with him everywhere he went, even to work.  He had a lot of patience.

        In 1968 the family moved to the Brookville area and the phone number of today, 833-5136, was born.  In 1969 the company was renamed Thrush & Son®.  The first truck with the Thrush & Son® logo was a 1969 red Dodge, one ton truck. Later that year, Wilbur purchased our first gutter machine and it was mounted on a Tandem trailer. Gutter was made easy.

         In the year 1970 the company color changed from red and black, to yellow and black.  Then in 1973 Thrush & Son® got its’ first step-van.  Through out the years, Wilbur had started buying homes and remodeling them.  That’s where we learned about home improvements from the ground up. The late 70’s and early 80’s the great recession came into play affecting everybody in the construction and remodeling field.  So instead of only doing spouting and roofing, Thrush & Son began insulating homes and installing vinyl siding and windows.  In fact everything that needed done on a home we would and could do the job.

       In 1985, Corey Allen Thrush came into the world.  This begins the third generation.  In 1989 Allen purchased Thrush & Son® from his Father, Wilbur, who decided he wanted to venture into the well drilling business.  In 1990 Thrush & Son opened its’ first office and showroom in Brookville, Ohio on Market St., and bought their second step-van.  In 1995 Thrush & Son® opened a warehouse and showroom at 201 Sycamore St. 

       In 2004, Thrush & Son® purchased the Erb Lumber building at 115 Jefferson St. and move into an expanded showroom with offices and added warehouse space, which is where the company headquarters resides today.

       In the years following, Thrush & Son® has added more trucks, employees and family members.  In 2016 we added our second office and showroom at 121 NE Public Square in Troy, Ohio and on November 3rd, 2017 we made the exciting announcement that Thrush & Son®, with the assistance of the I-Franchise group, is now franchising in 27 states.  In 2019 our first franchised location was opened up at 733 Columbus Ave. in Lebanon, Ohio along with our fourth, fifth and sixth locations in Urbana, Ohio, Lima, Ohio and Richmond, Indiana.  All of this was made possible by a man with pride strapped to his tool belt in 1960 who passed great work ethics, attitude, knowledge and respect for his customers and employees on to his son so that Thrush & Son® will continue a perform a job well done.


"Here at Thrush & Son® we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with quality products and superior craftsmanship. When we build a relationship with a homeowner, we believe in building a long lasting relationship for many years to come. These are a few of the reasons why Thrush & Son® has been the trusted name in home improvements for over 62 years. For all of your complete home improvement needs, feel free to give us a call today and let us help you out with any future home improvement projects that you are planning." 

W. Allen Thrush


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