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Rustic Timber is a rich, dark color with pronounced brown undertones. As comforting as the touch of soft velvet, this shade will envelop your home in warmth. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, this shade works will all styles. The ideal statement color without saying too much. Be bold without having to make a scene.

Thrush & Son®: Dayton Ohio, Lebanon Ohio, Troy Ohio, Urbana Ohio, Lima Ohio & Richmond Indiana’s Premier Siding Contractor and Installation Company


SIDING: Rustic Timber
TRIM: Glacier White
ACCENT: Fired Brick

SIDING: Rustic Timber
TRIM: Natural Linen
ACCENT: Deep Moss

SIDING: Rustic Timber
TRIM: Juniper Ridge
ACCENT: Laguna Blue

SIDING: Rustic Timber
TRIM: Maple
ACCENT: Ageless Slate

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